Philadelphia's own, The Astronauts Band, is stretching the musical mold and becoming a powerhouse through the arts. This band created of young, talented musicians is spearheaded by lead MC, Mont Brown whose vision was to create a musical force that heightened the limits of achievement. Alongside his band mates, Pace - O Beats (vocalist/producer), Andrew Meoray (vocalist/producer), Joey Stix (drummer) and DJ Mike Lowry, they produce a unique sound that blurs the lines that separate punk rock and high energy hip hop.

Mont Brown - @MontBrown
Pace-O Beats - @PaceOBeats
Joey Stix - @JoeyStix
Andrew Meoray - @AndrewMeoray
Dj Mike Lowry - @DjMikeLowry

All pictures taken by @from_withlove
Editing credits // @from_withlove & @jamiletmard

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